Sunday, 28 June 2015

Hair care in monsoon # part2

Hair problem becomes more frequent in the monsoon some of the tips will help you to take care of your hair at home. high humidity level in the atmosphere make our hair dull and oily scalp ,which leads to hair problems.
Oil massage: I have seen women avoid hair massage in the monsoon season season,because monsoon season gives hairs a lifeless look and dull hair. Take 2 tablespoon of warm coconut oil and mix it with a lemon juice and orange juice. You can increase the proportion of oil according to your hair length.massage it into the scalp and hair.  Wash after an hour. It will prevent hairs from becoming frizzy. You can also use warm olive oil or seasame seeds oil, Avocado oil

Indian gooseberry
Home made shampoo: 1.I have found the fuller earth, fenugreek and mint mixed with lemon juice and water makes a great shampoo and leaves the hair stunning.

2. Marigold flowers : Add a handful of fresh marigold or dried marigold flowers to three cups of hot water. after one hour strain the water and rinse your hair.  Marigold flowers will do wonders to your hairs

3.Fenugreek : Soak fenugreek seed in the water for overnight , strain the water and rinse your hairs.

4.Reetha (soap nut),Amla (Indian gooseberry),Shikhai (Acacia concinna),Brahmi (bacapo monnieri): soak them in water for overnight and strain the water of it and rinse your hairs with it. you can boil it and strain it.

soap nut
bacapo monnieri
Acacia concinna
Hair pack :1 cup of honey, 1cup almond oil and 1 cup of ground manjoram tea leaves. mix together and apply on the saclp and leave it for an hour. wash your hair with homemade shampoo . If done twice a week your hairs will be more thicker.
For dull hair: 20 crushed hibiscus leaves and 3 tablespoon of mint paste. mix it with the lime juice and apply it to scalp for 30 minutesand shampoo it.

Balanced diet : Balanced diet is also equal important for hairs and skin. increase the intake of curd,salad,fruits.

Avoid hairstyling: hair styling in monsoon can damage your hairs. don't tie your hairs tightly .

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