Friday, 19 June 2015

Father's Day

Father's day is around the corner and everyone is eager to express his or her love to their father.     Everyone love their parents as they are our god on earth. They are the only ones who love us unconditionally. Here are some suggestions to express our  love.

1. Cook something special at home: One of the way to express love is by cooking food for our loved ones. You can make their favorite dish at home.
2. Time : According to me time is the most important gift you give to your loved ones because you can't buy it. everyone wants to spend time with their close ones but we are unable to do so because of work.
 Time is very precious for everyone. Time can be treasured as memories by spending it with our loved ones.

3. Collage: Collecting all the old and new images with your father and making collage of it. You can make collage at home or buy it from the market. You can also buy a collage online (
4. Gift hampers: You can give father's day hampers to your father. You can buy these hampers online from
5. Personalized gifts: You can buy some of the personalized gifts for your loved ones for examples mugs,card,key chains, you can buy such gifts from,

6.Organic fruit gift basket: You can buy organic fruit gift basket from gifts You can choose fruits as per your  dad's taste.

7. Flowers: Flowers are the natures best gift. They bring smile on each and everyone's face. Flowers are the easiest ways to show your feelings.
8. Wishes: Everyone has some wishes and wish to fulfill them but our parents sacrifice their dreams to fulfill ours. We can help them to fulfill their wishes, which will be a best surprise for them and will bring smile on their faces.

 Enjoy !!

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