Sunday, 7 June 2015


Temperature is increasing day by day. All are facing some or the other problem related to skin. It is a major issue to keep the skin healthy and nourished. One must do everything to keep the body cool

Some of the tips are as follows

1.Fluids - Increase the intake of fluids in your diet like coconut water,juices,buttermilk. Staying hydrated in summer is one of the important activity as it helps in maintaining the moisture,flush toxic out of the body and keeps skin clean and clear.

2.Sunblock lotion - It is imperative to use a sunblock lotion when you are stepping out of the house. it helps to protect our skin from ultra-violet rays which are very harmful for our skin . it makes our skin looks dull and old.

3.Cleanser- Use a good water based cleanser which is non-fragranced and non soap based. it keeps the skin rejuvenated and will clean the skin deeply.

4.Natural face packs- Natural face packs are more beneficial. Our kitchen is full of natural products . we should use those products. Cucumber,lemon,coconut milk and many others are very healthy for our skin.

Grate cucumber and mix it with rose water  and apply on the face. you can use the plain water also

Papaya mask is very good for skin.

Aloe-vera gel is also full of nutrients and good for skin.

5. Face wipes-  Carry face wipes as you step out of the house . they are the most hygienic ways of preserving the freshness of the skin. they are helpful in removing the impurities of the skin.

6.Cover your head- Use a hat or a scarf to protect your hairs from the harmful radiations as they will damage the hairs.

7. Protect your eyes- protect your eyes by wearing sunglasses as ultra violet rays are very harmful for the eyes also.

8. Wear light colors- Dark colors tend to absorb more heat than light colors. light colors tends to reflect sunshine and keeps our body cool.

9.Avoid salty and greasy foods-  It has long-terms effects on our heath. These types of food are giving invitations to many diseases like cardio-vascular diseases and many others. Keep your
meal light and full of vegetables, fruits and liquids.

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