Thursday, 4 June 2015

Raw mango

Raw mango is an unripened fruit of summer. It is also  used in many ways like for making mango pickes, jams, squash, dried powders,sauces, juices. It is also used in ayurvedic medicines.
It is full of health properties,which are as follows:-)

1. Keeps dehydration away :-) Raw mango sprinkled with salt helps to restore minerals and salts lost due to sweat.

2. Good for liver:-) It increase the secretion of  bile acid which is good for healthy liver.

3. Blood disorder :-) It has a ability to cure blood disorder because it is full of vitamin c and helps information of new cells.

4. Health stroke:-) It guards from the excessive effects of high temperature.

5. Morning sickness:-) Eating raw mango with salt is helpful in curing morning sickness.

6. Looks younger:-) It is full of beta carotene ,antioxidants and vitamin A ,which is good for skin.

7.Scurvy:-) It is full of vitamin C, which helps in curing scury.

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