Saturday, 21 February 2015


Trust is one of the precious asset that one person gifts to another. It is precious because neither you can buy it nor you can borrow it. It is like a plant which takes long time to grow and can be burnt with a little carelessness. Trust is very essential for a healthy relationship. It requires lots of efforts.

Nowadays,most of the people are becoming greedy,hurting people's sentiments. Trusting people is like a gamble because you don't know whether you will win or loose the game.

In this 21st century most of the people will break your trust to maintain their own image. They will spread gossips about you for their own benefit and you will come to know about the betrayal when it is too late.

Betrayal is very common in this world because people are becoming selfish and thinks only about themselves.

Is it right to betray someone??Is it right to destroy someones image in front of others??where are our moral values?? Is money more important than someones respect,someones trust??

In today's world "TRUST BEING RUSTED"