Sunday, 22 February 2015


CHANGE is faced by everyone in this world whether it is an animal or human being. It is a part of life. Changes can be seen everywhere for example season changes,our appearance,friends,surroundings,relationships,our thoughts etc.

Nothing is permanent in this world. Most of the things are not in our hands,sometimes we are unable to accept the change and we try very hard to control the change but it is not in our hand and we become sad but our sadness can't help us,we should learn to let it go and stay calm.

We have to face changes whether they are good or bad. Sometimes change is the need of hour. It is for our betterment.

Good changes gives us pleasure and happiness whereas bad one teaches us a lesson which can't be forgotten and it makes us very strong to face the many more bad changes.


Saturday, 21 February 2015


Trust is one of the precious asset that one person gifts to another. It is precious because neither you can buy it nor you can borrow it. It is like a plant which takes long time to grow and can be burnt with a little carelessness. Trust is very essential for a healthy relationship. It requires lots of efforts.

Nowadays,most of the people are becoming greedy,hurting people's sentiments. Trusting people is like a gamble because you don't know whether you will win or loose the game.

In this 21st century most of the people will break your trust to maintain their own image. They will spread gossips about you for their own benefit and you will come to know about the betrayal when it is too late.

Betrayal is very common in this world because people are becoming selfish and thinks only about themselves.

Is it right to betray someone??Is it right to destroy someones image in front of others??where are our moral values?? Is money more important than someones respect,someones trust??

In today's world "TRUST BEING RUSTED"

Friday, 13 February 2015


In today's world people are in search of happiness but they are unable to find it. Happiness is there in yourself,only look at yourself. You don't need others to make you happy. You are the only one, who can  make yourself happy.It's in your hand.

Always listen to your heart. Do what makes you happy. Don't think about your society. If you think it's right then do it.

Happiness lies all around's in the beauty of nature, helping others is also a way to reach happiness.Happiness can also be given to others just pass smile to everyone, it not only make your day but other's day too.

Sorrows are part of life but their solution is the final destination of happiness.
so,focus on your happiness and always be happy.